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About us

Vitamins First is a vitamin and supplement store in Calgary, Alberta. We specialize in natural and organic health remedies created for everyone regardless to whether enhance or maintain their good health. We offer natural skin care, vitamins and minerals, herbs, sports supplements and more.

"Our goal at Vitamins First is not only to offer exceptional knowledge and service in a retail setting but also to be a resource centre for your health." - Andrew Savage, co-owner of Vitamins First

About Vitamins First: Dedicated and Knowledgeable Staff

Since 1993, Vitamins First has provided exceptional service and knowledge to Calgarians, with the mission of inspiring others to make informed health choices. The highly qualified Vitamins First staff is dedicated to the health industry. Our team includes people with diverse training; all with years of health consulting experience.

Our Holistic Clinic

In addition to the Vitamins First retails store, we operate a holistic clinic downstairs. The retail setting may effectively limit the time available to address your health questions, but the clinic practitioners can certainly provide more in-depth consultations.